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UK Restoration Specialises In Restoring Vintage Petrol Pumps, Sourcing Rare Automobilia, Petroliana, Petrol Pumps, Globes & Enamel Signs


   UK Restoration are experts in restoring vintage petrol pumps to our client’s exact specifications. Explore our Restored Vintage Petrol Pumps page to see our latest projects.

Please have a look at our Unrestored Vintage Petrol Pumps page to pick your pump for restoration and don’t hesitate to Contact Us to discuss what UK Restoration can do for you.

If you have a petrol pump or another vintage item you would like to have restored or customised please Contact Us to discuss.

Take a look at our Restore Your Item page to see what kind of vintage items UK Restoration restores.

UK Restoration stocks a wide range of vintage automobilia and petroliana in our Shop


Automobilia - Restored Vintage Petrol Pumps

Restored Vintage Petrol Pumps

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